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about us

Alfa Honey Fruits Australia Pty Ltd manufactures unique, highest quality, pure, natural Australian Low GI Eucalyptus Honey with KOSHER and HALAL accreditations packed in 250 g Glass Jars.

Alfa Honey-Fruits Australia (AFHA) is an Australian company incorporated in 2006. AFHA’s mission is to develop natural products of the highest quality from only the finest natural ingredients, created without the use of high temperatures or radiation. AFHA products, with only their naturally occurring carbohydrates, have no chemical additives, artificial coloring, or any extra sweeteners.

AFHA goal of creating and producing new, natural products is ongoing, but we are now able to introduce to the market the initial range of our products. AFHA is pleased to offer you the opportunity to try 100% pure, natural honey, unique to Australia, and our own range of unique honey spreads, with new, exciting and unusual flavours, created from the purest ingredients.

AHFA Pure Natural Honey

AFHA offers a unique range of pure, pollution-free honeys. AFHA honeys include Premium, Rare and Exclusive grades of Australian Eucalyptus honey, monofloral and polyfloral eucalyptus honey and Leatherwood honey from Tasmania.

The major flowering period for eucalyptus is from September through to January. This means that in Australia we are the first in the world to harvest the new season’s honey.

In addition to its wonderful taste and natural goodness, natural Australian honey also has unique medicinal and healing properties. Many eucalyptus honeys have low GI, and are suitable for consumption, in controlled amounts, by diabetics and those who have sugar metabolism problems or are obese. AFHA is involved in working with medical professionals to research the healing properties of our Rare Eucalyptus honey, with, to date, reassuring results that the honey works against certain germs in certain pathological conditions.

AHFA Honey Spreads

After three years of research and experimentation AFHA has created a range of unique spreads, made with honey, fruit, vegetables, berries, coffee and spices. Made with honey rather than processed sugar AFHA honey spreads have a special place in our ‘sweet’ list. Research carried out by the International Diabetes Institute shows they have a low GI of 24 +, minus 5.

AFHA honey spreads are not jams. The high temperatures required to make traditional jams kill the goodness of honey and the other natural ingredients Our honey spreads are produced without any high temperature processing, and retain the goodness of all ingredients.

AFHA honey spreads have a unique taste. They are a wonderful accompaniment for soft cheeses and cognac, but it can be eaten with bread, biscuits, poultry, meat, vegetables or just straight from the jar.

The natural ingredients of all AHFA products are specially selected and packed under our strict direction.

AHFA Exclusive Gift Range

AHFA also creates a range of gift box selections of AHFA honeys – for everyday consumers through to rare and exclusive collector items, excellent as a genuine and unique Australian gift.