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Honeycino Coffee & Honey

Product Type
Honey Jar  
Extract of coffee mix not less than 45% (in unprocessed whole coffee berry quantity) AHFA Exclusive Australian Honey Low GI not less than 40%  
A unique, all-natural, low GI Australian honey treat for the culinary connoisseur. This product is developed using a careful blend of honey and the finest coffee extract, combined without the use of heat, to maintain all the natural goodness and healing qualities, of both the honey and coffee. HoneycinoŽ has a full flavour free of chemical additives or preservatives, making it a smart nutritious choice.

Honeycino's unique quality and taste is most suitable as a dessert accompaniment. All AHFA honeys are sourced through selected beekeepers in virgin eucalyptus forests, to ensure only the finest quality ingredients are used.